Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.
Victor Hugo

die schosserei is the music composition studio of Vienna-based songwriter Tina Schosser.

Here professional audio equipment meets a modern creativity-filled atmosphere and makes die schosserei the ideal place for songwriting as well as music composition in general.

Working on the DAWs Pro Tools and Cubase. die schosserei always stays connected to the world via the Internet based software plug-in Source Connect. A Studiobricks audio booth, professional outboard equipment, software plug-ins, as well as different high-end studio microphones for instrumental and vocal recording complete the sound and create a full package.

The artist’s compositions are mostly based on guitar or piano. She arranges the songs and produces layouts, or can hire session musicians for recordings and finalize the tracks professionally including mixing and mastering.
Likewise she is working with other composers or producers to gain more variety, either working side by side or as a topliner, using track-and-hook method, where she is creating a vocal line/hook and lyrics over a given playback.

Tina’s songwriting style goes from singer-songwriter-guitar-pop to modern pop songs and opulent ballads, with both english and german lyrics.

Tina Schosser is a member of the Austrian Composers' Society.

Singer – the early years

As “Bobbie Singer” participating the Eurovision Song Contest 1999.

She had an early start in music business, when she signed her first record contract with the major label KOCH International at the age of only 16. One of her first stage appearances and a real highlight of her young career was participating the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel 1999, where she made the 10th place for Austria under her stage name “Bobbie Singer”.

The track “Before I die” (KOCH International) from her identically named debut album made the title track of the german motion picture “Seven days to live”. Her debut single “Egoistic” was the highest entry in the Ö3 Hörercharts when it was released in 1998. The Song Contest Single “Reflection” (KOCH International) became a national airplay hit and was aired on radio stations all over Europe.

Production – the craft

Working as a producer for commercials, music and post-production.

While working on her debut album „Before I die“ (KOCH International, released 1998) Tina realized the importance of a good arrangement and a professional production in order to breathe life into a song.

During the stage of recording her second album Tina had the opportunity to look over the shoulders of producer Steve Lyon (Reamon, Paradise Lost, Depeche Mode), which reinforced her that her forthcoming path will not lead her back onto the stage but into the studio.

In 2006 followed the step into professional advertising and music production for the Viennese recording studio "Soundfeiler". Specializing in music composition for advertising, radio or image films, jingle composition as well as audio design and postproduction, she has been developing her experience in various music genres over the years, working both as a composer and in music and post production. Even today, she works together with the team of Soundfeiler.

Songwriting – the art

A few hundred songs later still her biggest passion.

Music has always been a big part of Tina's life. Born into a musical family she discovered her love for songwriting at the age of 15.

She made her first steps in producing or arranging music at about the same time - on a four-track tape recorder from Tascam, in a time long before digital recording became reality. In her early 20's, she began to work with other artists and composers and produce her songs digitally.

To date, it must be about 400 songs that Tina has written in the course of her life.


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